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EIFER (European Institute for Energy Research) is a European Economic Interest Grouping founded in 2001 by its two equal members: EDF (Électricité de France, FR) and KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, DE).

Today EIFER employs approximately 110 staff members of different nationalities, with multi-disciplinary skills. Together with international research entities, EIFER aims at creating values for its two members and their respective partners. EIFER’s activity is focused on three strategic priorities to tackle the challenge of the energy transition:

  • Contribution to sustainable city engineering through integrated approaches, models and tools for the multi-sectorial analysis of cities and territories and for strategic planning;
  • Development of Local Energy Concepts and Solutions from technology road-maps and local resources analysis towards support to operational projects;
  • Analysis of the trends and interactions within energy systems through simulation at different scales and European prospective analysis using a systemic approach.

Research and development at EIFER are focused on decentralized energy production, smart electricity and thermal grids, urban and energy planning, bio-energy, electrolysis and fuel cells, geothermal energy, life-cycle analysis, air quality and externalities assessment.  EIFER own as well several laboratory facilities that are used to develop competences and activities in several fields connected to renewable energy use and sustainable energy systems: micro-CHP systems testing, gasification, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, High Temperature Electrolysis, batch fermentation, biomass pre-treatment and combustion, high temperature materials development and testing, corrosion for geothermal applications. EIFER is involved in both publicly funded projects and projects directly funded by its founder member EDF (and subsidiaries, such as Dalkia, EDF Polska, EDISON, etc.) and by other clients (e.g. regions, cities, industries, and sector associations). Currently EIFER is partner or coordinator in 11 EU projects, 14 German projects, and 3 French projects.